Prosiasis and tattoos: submission

I know a lot of you might be having questions about psoriasis and tattoos. And since it’s hard to find answers, pictures and so on about it.. I’ve written a little something about it here :) hope it could be of help to some of you. 

Anonymous SENT: I'm from the UK and my doctor prescribed me a cream called 'Dovobet'. It's a very greasy cream & steriod based so I was told to only apply once a day & only to the affected area; preferably on a night. My psoriasis cleared in about 3-4 days!

I’ve had a lot of people say this has worked for them, as well. Anyone looking for a topical cream might want to look into it! Thanks for sharing :) xo

Anonymous SENT: Grape seed oil does wonders for the skin. Improvements in two weeks. I love it

I haven’t heard of this one yet, thanks for the tip! Xo

Anonymous SENT: I really wish there was some proper scientific research done on whether it's ok for psoriasis sufferers to get tattoos. The stuff online seems inconclusive. I want a tattoo but don't want to risk it going badly because of this condition.

Me, too. I actually have a post coming up from someone who has an in depth view on this! Keep an eye open :)

Anonymous SENT: As a 16year old teenage girl who cries every night due to her psoriasis and blames everything on it, I'm grateful that there is a blog like this. A blog where people get to relate to something that isn't exactly common. A blog where they can somewhat understand each others' problems and feel the pain of being judged everyday...even by your own parents. Keep it up, dear. It really helps.

I love you all. Seriously. It’s the notes like this that make me keep doing this blog for as long as I have. I’m so glad you’ve found comfort here, darling, because I’ve been exactly where you were. I WAS you. It gets better - I swear. Xoxo :)

alceblack SENT: I heard that rubbing a banana peel on psoriasis helps to stop the itchiness and the flakes. I've yet to try it because banana is sort if expensive here but I want to help everybody else ^^ oh and citrus is an absolute no no for people with psoriasis

I’ve never heard that before! I’ll have to try it, I would love to smell like a banana haha Thanks for the tips! Xo

a-start-to-the-end-of-depression SENT: I want to see more positive role models that have psoriasis. I go out talk to girls usually to shy to hit on them but if I saw a plaque on a beautiful girl I'm afraid is start acting like. 12 year pls boy. Ask me a question my blog is the remnants of how close this disease almost came to keep my soul hidden from the world for good. Post pics of rocking P and LIFE

I have actually review quite a few positive stories on here! You’d just have to dig a bit to find them, but they’re there ;) I’m glad you’ve overcome some of your embarrassment, but just remember that everyone’s different so we all go at our own pace to overcome insecurities :)

Anonymous SENT: ive tried all the medicated shampoos, co-washing, coconut oil, moroccan oil, argan oil etc and nothing seems to be helping! I still use coconut conditioner but it means i have to wash my hair every day and in all honesty its just drying my scalp out more and making me itch more! Is there anything else i can use, its beginning to get me down now :( x

Are you only trying to do natural things, or are you up for taking to your dermatologist/doctor for other resources? It seems like you might need to talk to them if nothing else is helping you! Does anyone else have any other tips for relieving scalp psoriasis?