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Hey everyone; quick update!

I’m not ignoring anyone’s messages, I’m just super busy! The end of the semester is coming up and school/work is crazy for me right now. I’ll be getting to all your messages as soon as I can :) ¬†xox

immoralc-nt: I have psoriasis and recently moved to uni, they've stopped giving me steroid cream because I've apparently used it for too long. Since then I've had an explosion that's ruining my chance at making proper new friends and living in halls means that as soon as my makeup comes off I'm trapped in my room by my own skin due to embarrassment. Is there any magic recipes anyone knows that could at least just control it slightly, I moisturise like all of the time and my poor skin is still shocking. Helpx

Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that! Is there anything else they can give you? You can try rubbing vaseline on your spots, and if you want a more natural approach you can even try rubbing in some olive oil. Anyone else have some suggestions?

bandssleepartandfood: Does psoriasis itch? Is it like similar to eczema or?

Yes! Sometimes it itches so badly it feels like the biggest mosquito bite ever! And then when you scratch too hard, it opens up and bleeds forever :( Sorry if that’s gross- but it’s the reality. Actually, psoriasis is very similar to eczema! Sometimes when I’m too tired to explain what psoriasis is, I just say it’s like a cousin to eczema. Psoriasis is just a lot harder to control.