I have been suffering with this disease since I was three years old. At different times in my life, the outbeaks have varied. Some were severe, some were localized. The only time that I can remember not having an outbreak is when I was pregnant. I was able to wear shorts and black without feeling self-conscious. I was married for 24 years and my husband just dealt with it. Now that I am a widow, people ask me when I am going to start dating again, it’s been almost 5 years. It’s not only that I don’t have the time, I am also self-conscious about  my body. Even my children tell me not to worry about it and friends tell me that I shouldn’t let it bother me. Easier said than done. I know it sounds vain but this disease makes other people feel uncomfortable too. Newly developed light therapy, the sun and certain tar-based products are the only things that have worked for me

Anonymous SENT: does my psoriasis effect my baby during pregancy..? like i know may have a chance the baby has it i mean during the 9 months ?thanks for the help

I’m not really the person to ask about this, seeing as I’ve never been pregnant :3 But this will definitely be a concern for me (and I’m sure others as well!) when I do decide to have a child. I looked it up and found this article on the National Psoriasis website, so I recommend checking it out. Best of luck to you and your little peanut! :) xox

shelovesitall SENT: Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic blog, so keep it up. And I also want to remind my fellow psoriatic patients—keeping yourself as healthy as possible is one of the best chances you have at helping yourself stay in remission. Eat a fibrous, varied and highly nutritional diet low in (but don't cut it out completely) sugars, gluten and dairy. Drinks lots of water! Exercise to the best of your ability, and regularly! Avoid toxins! Above all, remember to treat your body right :)

Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate them! Sometimes we all need the reminder to keep healthy (at least I know I do!) and it definitely helps with psoriasis. Thanks for the kind words :) xo

Anonymous SENT: Will putting Organic Virgin Coconut Oil help my scalp? like i seriously can stop scratching my scalp and my hair falls i don't know I'm getting really scared that this won't stop because i don't want to keep scratching. my scalp is so dry and everything. I've tried Organix Tee Tree mint shampoo and cond. but it doesn't work either. I don't know what else to use.

It should definitely help with the itching, and the irritation! There are lots of tutorials online so I recommend checking those out and finding one that suits you.

Anonymous SENT: Anyone had a boob job with psoriasis I really want one wanted one forever now but now I'm old enough I just want to love one bit of my body completely, I was unsure whether the surgary could cause the kobener phenomenon x

Aw, I’m sorry that you don’t feel confident enough to love your body yet. I hope that whatever you do, you will learn to love yourself, whether it be by improving your body or not :) Has anyone gone through this surgery, or a similar one?

imagesofadreamer SENT: My psoriasis calmed down a lot a couple of months ago after I finished light therapy but has recently flared again :(:( it's been a lot more itchy than before, any tips on how to help/reduce the itchiness? Xx

For a more natural approach, try rubbing some coconut oil or olive oil on the spots. It will help reduce the itchiness and irritation. You could also try vaseline, or a lotion with no scent (scented lotions tend to irritate psoriasis!). Another thing to try is a nice hot oatmeal bath. You can buy oatmeal bath powder at any drugstore or Walmart - Aveeno has a really good one. I hope this helps! xo good luck.

dangerouslytwisted SENT: hi! my parents and i just opened a salt room in PA and so far psoriasis and eczema sufferers are seeing pretty significant results with reduced inflammation and irritation. the basics are you relax in a room full of salt air and as you breathe/it lands on your skin, it kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. google salt therapy near you or visit our fb page, the salt vault, where we have a list of some rooms in north america. check it out if you or your followers are interested!

Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’ve never heard of this, but now I’m interested to see if there are any near me. Thanks for sharing! xo