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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t had the chance to respond or post secrets - this semester is proving to be one of my busiest yet! I’ll try and get to them asap, but until then just know I’m still here… Just super busy! Hope everyone is okay xoxo :)


Hey everyone, this is an article that highlights not only the physical effects of psoriasis, but the mental effects as well. Many, MANY, of us have struggled with depression because of this disease. Please seek help if it’s to the point where you want to hurt yourself. My heart is with this girl’s family

For everyone asking: tattoos and psoriasis!

Click the link above to go to the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website’s article on tattoos and psoriasis. It’s a great article and I hope it helps out! :) xox

handoh SENT: to the anon asking about tattoos, I have one, and I plan on getting another. My skin was once covered 86%! I would go for an area that is not easily irritated, and most clear. Try to clear it up, before getting it because IT FUCKING HURTS. Psoriasis will appear on your tattoo but, the tattoo will not go away! :D Any other questions about psoriasis and tattoos, feel free to ask!

Oh, thanks for sharing! This seems to be a concern for many people, so I’m sure any advice is appreciated :) xo

spookyscaryskeletonthefirst SENT: Can having psoriasis affect healing?

From what I’ve experienced, usually if I get a cut (depending on how bad it is) it will either go away or turn into a spot of psoriasis. I’m not exactly sure if it affects it or not, though. I’d ask your doctor! xo

Anonymous SENT: Is there not a cure ?

Sadly, no. We’re stuck with this for the rest of our lives :/

wolveshauntmydreams SENT: Hey so how many people have success stories with taking shots for psoriasis, I'm strongly considering starting them.

Does anyone have any stories? Please share! :)

Prosiasis and tattoos: submission

I know a lot of you might be having questions about psoriasis and tattoos. And since it’s hard to find answers, pictures and so on about it.. I’ve written a little something about it here :) hope it could be of help to some of you. 


Anonymous SENT: I'm from the UK and my doctor prescribed me a cream called 'Dovobet'. It's a very greasy cream & steriod based so I was told to only apply once a day & only to the affected area; preferably on a night. My psoriasis cleared in about 3-4 days!

I’ve had a lot of people say this has worked for them, as well. Anyone looking for a topical cream might want to look into it! Thanks for sharing :) xo

Anonymous SENT: Grape seed oil does wonders for the skin. Improvements in two weeks. I love it

I haven’t heard of this one yet, thanks for the tip! Xo