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hand-jobsfortheholidays: Has anyone that has or is taking methotrexate experienced any tooth pain?

I haven’t taken methotrexate, so this is up to my lovely followers. Anyone else experience this?

Anonymous: I don't know when you posted about the krill oil because I'm on mobile so I hope you know what I'm referring to. Does krill oil help scalp psoriasis too or just skin psoriasis?

Hey, that was a submission! I haven’t tried krill oil before so I’m afraid I don’t really know. The submission was from¬†¬†- I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering your question! :)

Anonymous: Hey! I have my first serious shoot coming up soon (if payment goes through okay, fingers crossed) + i'm getting my hair done for me again which still makes me so nervous! Hopefully they'll be as understanding as the last studio and not even mention the psoriasis as it's cleared a lot thanks to all the advice here! So excited - hope you're well and coping with yours okay, S x

Ooh, good luck! I hope all goes well. I love hearing that everything is going well for you! I think getting your hair done will always make you nervous (it still does for me, and my scalp is mostly cleared up now), but nothing to worry over. Good luck, and best of wishes! xox

Anonymous: So glad I've found this blog! I'm 20 year old female with Psoriasis which I mainly suffer with on my arms. I am VERY self conscious of it and can't wear short sleeves which in summer is the worst! None of my friends understand so it's nice to find somewhere where other people can relate and where I can relate to others without feeling judged! X

I’m glad that you’e found the blog, too! I know exactly how you feel (as do most of us), I used to wear long sleeves all the time before I started my Humira. It was awful, especially when no one really understands!! xo